Multiple Light Boxes allowing for package choice options


We have a range of products which we will be offering as a Bronze, Silver or Gold package deal.

The question I have is that once the client has chosen which package they want to go for we need to confirm details and then add them into an infusion soft campaign which is specific for each of the 3 packages.  To do this I need to have alternative light frames, but as it will only allow me to have one form per page I cant see a solution.  I debated using Dynamic text for the light box but this won’t allow for infusionsoft to see the correct tag to start the campaign.
Would 3 seperate landing pages that open in a light box be the best work through and if so how would I link the button to open this page?


I don’t know much about infusionsoft so pardon that ignorance… but can you have a drop down form field and have that value be the token that starts the campaign?

You could use something like formstack. That way you can have each form iFrame into the lightbox of your choosing. Its a very flexible product and is great for things like this.


Yeah, I could possibly do this as a workaround but didn’t want the customer to have to select the option after they had already selected the package on the main landing page.

The clients we work with need simplicity - I won’t say anything else on this matter


I am not a developer but should Hristian see this thread he might be able to tell you how to pass a variable from the button the person checks to pre-populate the drop down so they don’t have to make another choice. In fact, I could use that kind of knowledge myself with a page I am running. 


Hi Stephen, 

You can also try using a hidden form field on your form (ex. “package” )

You would then tag each button with the appropriate package tag (ex. /?package=Bronze)

When you pass the URL parameters to the lightbox, the form would pick up and record the appropriate package level in the hidden field. 

The only thing left is to figure out how to trigger the InfusionSoft integration based on a field value. 



And there he is!


That’s a great idea, not sure how the tag system would work based on a hidden form field, and whether I could transfer the data acquired into Infusionsoft for our reference?


I love it when we can summon Hristian. :) 


I thought I would just post a quick update on how I have overcome the issue from my original post.

With Infusion Soft I have now created individual forms as opposed to using the single form option available inside Unbounce. By doing this I have been able to create all eventualities for the package options, which then link through to individual campaigns.

It is a lot of work to get the initial set up in place but once completed it is a simple copy and paste job with a small change of code for each option.


Thanks for the update @Stephen_Clarke, hope this helps others in this situation as well.


Hi Hristian,

Thanks for your reply. Can you please confirm how to tag a button. In the properties I dont see option to add this.



Hi @waseembashir,

Couple of ways to go about it:

  1. Link buttons to open up a URL in the lightbox and tag the URL. Your lightboxes have a unique URL.

  2. Write a script that would do that for you upon a click on the button.