Multiple landing pages and only one thank you


Hi everyone, i have been searching this topic on the web but it seems difficult for me to find a solution. I hope you guys can help me.

I have multiple products (services) and each one of them has its own landing page. On each landing page it has its own form (form a, form b… form n). These forms are exactly the same. All of these forms redirect to a specific thank you page (thank you a, thank you b…).

How can i create one single form and one single thank you and still be able to track convertions properly (each product is part of a different campaign)

Thank you guys, here i´m uploading a scheme with what i´m trying to do


Hi pperez,

There are multiple ways, these are just a few.
I personally think that number 2 might be most suitable to your situation.

  1. Check in Analytics which landingpage they saw or what the previous page was.

  2. Use a hidden field in Unbounce and simply pass that along whereever you send your leads:

  3. Pass UTM_parameters from source.

Best regards
Andreas Obel


thank you!
I will try that