Multiple forms on one Unbounce landing page?


i want to create two options for viewers, BUY and SELL, and depending on which one they select, they will fill out a different form. Is this possible using unbounce?


Hi David - You could set something like this up by creating a multi-page funnel but otherwise it’s unfortunately not possible using Unbounce’s forms.

If you chose to create a multi-page funnel, you would need to build three separate pages: Page A, Page B and Page C.

Page A could contain two buttons: BUY and SELL. The BUY button could link to Page B which would contain the BUY specific form. The SELL button could link to Page C would would contain the SELL specific form.

I know it’s not as elegant a solution as you were hoping for but it should work.

Alternately, you may want to look into a third party form solution like Wufoo.


I’ve looked at Wufoo; how does it integrate with UnBounce?


You just embed the form as an iFrame using Unbounce’s HTML widget.


You should really figure out ways to segment your traffic.

The message you are presenting to sellers should be different than the message you are presenting to buyers. If this is traffic you can’t control (like a homepage), do what eBay, etsy and others do… pick a lane (in there case, buyers) then link off to the other section.

It only make sense to have 2 forms on a page for situations like below. And even then segmenting might work better.


The other way to do this would be to have 1 form with all your buyer/seller fields. The first field being a drop down to choose buyer or seller. From there you could use Javascript to hide all the fields that are not relevant and show the ones that are. 

This helps cover the situation where you can’t segment your traffic like Phillip suggested, although he’s absolutely right, that would be the best way. 

Just another idea in the mix :slight_smile:


Great points, Phillip! 


Whoa, not a bad idea Stuart! Have you implemented this before?


I’ve read other suggestion to create a separate landing page for the 2nd form, then link the two like any other URLs. Any =/- for that vs using Wufoo? Seems simpler to just stay within UnBounce that way. Using two UnBounce pages, will I be able to pass info thru to each and collect info from both forms to Salesforce, etc.?


Yeah I’ve done something similar, not on Unbounce, but as long as the object is accessible (and all the form field objects are) then I see no reason why it wouldn’t work exactly the same.). I’ll pop off a test my theory I think! :slight_smile:

I used JQuery and this was my starting point,  it gives you a working example. I can’t take credit for this example,  it’s nothing majorly complicated and easy to mod the code, it works a treat :slight_smile:

Just remember ensure that the fields you want hidden right from the start use the css style 
display: hidden or display: none depending on if you want them to take up space not in the document. 


It works fine…

Please see above as an example, set the “Income” field to Under 20k and watch the “would like a payrise field appear”. With small variations we should be able to show/hide whatever we want based on another inputs value. 

Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:




Hi Stuart, 

This could be a really interesting workaround… I’m going to ping you directly, look out for an email from me!


Hey guys! 

I have a product with two type of purchase options; one time and subscription, obviously I want them to subscribe rather than the one time purchase, for this is it better to have an upselling process using many unbounce pages or two forms that compare each pricing option? 

Looking forward to know what you think! 


Hello!! I want this functionality to depending on a State selected, display the corresponding cities of the selected state, but I cannot get this to work, it does not hide any field. 

could you help me on how and where should I insert the javascript for this capability to work

Than You!!


Hello!! I want this functionality to depending on a State selected, display the corresponding cities of the selected state, but I cannot get this to work, it does not hide any field.

could you help me on how and where should I insert the javascript for this capability to work Thank You!!


Hi Kenji, I’ve delayed responding to your question because I wanted to think a little, I’m not saying I’m right but here are my thoughts.

  1. I wouldn’t not offer the option of one time payments on the same form as a subscription as I think you’d lose conversions from the group that simply refuse to do subscriptions which I think is getting larger.

  2. I wouldn’t run multiple forms as I believe it uses up your users click/engagement goodwill and pop-ups are too easily blocked to be reliable.

  3. I would be mega transparent about both options, people lose trust if they see one option hidden or tucked away without good reason and without trust you have less sales.

  4. I would do this…

One form, split into two columns, subscription and one time payment. One submit button so you don’t dilute your cta. Arrows and visual cues with animation effects on the subscription side with your best hard hitting usp’s listed in bullet points. For one time payment your lesser converting usp’s in exactly the same style bullet points. Subscription on left column as it’s the natural reading flow and psychological because it’s where most people start their cheaper offering, users are getting wise to this so look left first. Now tooltip the bullet points on the subscription side with solid informative and more detailed product information but don’t do that for the one time payment option.

Also for the subscription offer an added bonus, downloadable guide or training manual and/or personal call/help. As I don’t know your product I can’t say what but it should be instantly available.

As a consumer I hate subscriptions, I’d rather pay the whole shebang get a discount and call it mine but if you made it worth my while or I wanted to test drive then I’d make an exception. (just like I did with unbounce)


Hi Stuart, 
Thanks so much for your reply,  I will test this! But I think I will have to use another form since Unbounce form seems to be too simple for this type of task. 

Thank you! 


There’s a huge amount of insight in this response, Stuart! Love the kind of back and forth I’ve been seeing lately. Keep it up! 


Stuart, can you bring back or is it long gone? I wanted to test out a couple of things. Great thread!


Hi Joe,

Apologies, we changed the domain name to something a little more user friendly. The page is still available but it is now here…