Multiple Custom Domains are Here!


Overjoyed to announce that managing multiple custom domains has been released!!

If you log in and go to Account => Custom Domains, you’ll see a control panel for adding, changing and deleting custom domains.

(no need to write in to for help anymore, although we’re always happy to help)

We have also released some big changes to our subscription plans today which includes double the traffic limits (unique visitors) for most plans. Depending on your current subscription plan, you may need to upgrade to add more custom domains.

Jason M


Hi Jason-
I read thru it but still dont understand what to do. Sorry.


Hello Ron - I have just been going through our responses on Get Satisfaction and noticed that we never got back to you on this post.

Very sorry for this - hopefully we have been able to help you with the issue were experiencing via some other communication channel. If not, please send and an email to and we’ll get you some further assistance.

Sorry once again for the lack of response - we strive to do much better.