Multi User Support


For even small organizations it’ll be really handy to have multi-user support for this product. Google Analytics+Adwords implements a pretty simple user model that’ll likely work for this product as well.


Agreed! This is something we’re definitely going to add. We’re currently gearing up for a public release, so we’ll have a much better idea after that when we can get to this. Thanks!


Can’t wait for it! It would be great to set permissions on a per-user or account-level to give access to only x,y, or z accounts to one person since they manage it, with administrators able to see everything.

A feature such as this will allow those of us with marketing departments to block out groups of clients and track our employee’s progress with the project.


Yes definitely! Without this, multiple users are useless. I’d like to be able to provide clients with single-page sites they can easily edit, multi user support would be fantastic! White-label would be even better!


Wondering where this stands. Multi-user support is key to expanding our use of Unbounce. We’re currently sharing a single login amongst multiple users, which, for obvious reasons, isn’t scalable. Thanks.


+1 for multi-user support


Hey, looks like it’s been a while since this post has been updated. This would be very helpful for us too! Please considering bringing this out.


I know this potentially messes with your account levels, but sharing account logins is just painful. Looking forward to updates :stuck_out_tongue:


Up until recently it’s been just me using UnBounce, but now I have 7 other colleagues using my login to create pages.

Some additional user accounts with admin levels etc would be great.


Count me in as another +1. This would be very handy (and more secure than sharing my login with colleagues).


Hey everyone, apologies if you receive this message twice (there are a few related threads on get satisfaction) – we’re rounding up users who are interested in being a part of our Agency and Multi-user beta group. Please sign up here if that sounds like something you might want to take part in!


Signed up…


Hey guys, I’m really excited to announce that we’ve rolled out a batch of shiny new features to accomodate multiple users and multiple sub-accounts (clients). What this means is that you no longer need to share your login information with anyone, and you can organize pages, domains and page groups into separate sub-accounts for client work or project specific organization. We’ve also rolled in a few new features such as the ability to edit your “new lead” email notifications.

For more details on the roll out, please check out our landing page with a couple of videos to get you started:

Enjoy, and as always we’d love to hear your feedback!