Multi-Step Forms


This is becoming more and more common among high quality lead generating landing pages. The idea is that the further the consumer goes down the sales tunnel the less likely they are to turn around when asked for the the most valuble of all information which would be contact info.

Conditional Forms (aka Form Logic)

Calvin you took the words out of my mouth! I was about to post something similar.

Even something simple like having a light box pop up asking for an email when someone clicks a button e.g. ‘register here’ or something.

However I dont know how well lightboxes do/dont work on mobiles


Hey Calvin, I know it’s not an ideal solution but it *is* possible to create multi-step forms in Unbounce.

You have to create a page for each step of your form and pass each steps form data onto the next. Like this:

…and let’s say you collect Email, Name, Phone Number and Company on Page 1, you would add hidden fields for each of those values on the subsequent pages. That way, when they’re passed along page to page, they’ll be recaptured in your forms.

Again, I know it’s not as slick as you might want it to be, but it does work really well. Try it out and let me know if you have any questions.


What if they don’t have cookies enabled? will this still work?


We’ve used multi-step pages on our Unbounce pages for 6+ months and have had great luck with it, using the above steps by Ryan. It does give us 5-10% more conversions than single.
We recently also did this with our mobile landing page versions as well.

Yes I believe this still works w/o cookies being enabled since it passes the parameters right in the URL.


Thanks for shearing.
I did not understand the process. Could explain with more screenshot or with a demo.


Hi Jeff, 
Apologies if the tutorial wasn’t easy to follow. If you’re still having troubles with this, go ahead and reach out to our Customer Success team so we can help you out with this process further. You can reach them by phone (1.604.484.1354) or email ( 

Thanks Jeff!


Justin - If I’ve understood you correctly, the problem with doing it the way you suggested is that the entire landing page has to reload to go to the next stage of the form. Not only does that look tacky but it also slows down the user experience and reduces chances of conversion, defeating the purpose of having a multi page form - or at least lessening it’s impact.

Is there a manual way to do this in unbounce without having the entire page reload to go from Form Step 1 to Form Step 2?


Hi Sidney, 

Great question. You’re correct as this method would require you to essentially load the page again, instead of loading a single page section separately from the rest of the page. 

At this point in time I don’t believe there is a manual way to do this in Unbounce without things getting really tricky (ie. implementing an iframe, loading all the steps inside of the iframe so the entire page doesn’t reload only one section). Admittedly, we haven’t received too many requests for this specific feature, but this is something we foresee being useful in a marketers landing page toolbox so we’re beginning to scope out what this would look like in Unbounce. 

Side note: thanks for voting on this feature request! Votes for features such as this one help to get things on to our product roadmap. The more support a feature has, the more likely we are to build it into the app. Take a look at our most requested features here

Thanks Sidney!


Justin - the nature of the freshest and most potent ideas is that they will have very few likes and votes. If everyone agreed, everyone would already be doing it, right? That’s why I don’t personally agree with Unbounce’s “like this idea to increase the chances of us implementing it” system. Maybe you should focus on cutting edge ideas which people don’t even know they like, yet? That’s my opinion, anyway.

Also, it’s about more than just the UX. Apparently, one of the things Adwords also considers is “Time on page”… since each step of the Unbounce multi-page form would be a separate URL, it could hurt the QS because Google would see that the user didn’t spend much time on the landing page. Whereas a single page with a client side scripted multi-step form would show a very high “time on page” and thus get better conversions. 

I am *far* from a coder, I’m basically a business manager, but when I consider that free scripts are available online to do exactly this, with just a couple of pages worth of javascript, it seems like it should be really easy to add this feature to Unbounce. I don’t want to use those scripts, because their submissions unfortunately don’t count as conversions on Unbounce. (let me know if there is actually a way to use one of those scripts and count it as a conversion). Then again, your coders are probably busy with ideas I cannot imagine yet, so I could be wrong :slight_smile:

I’m hoping you can pass this feedback on to the HiPP at Unbounce :-p

p.s. And I didn’t like Wufoo at all, so please don’t suggest that integration. They really need to work on their GUI, yours is WAY better.


Drivetrain - is that 5-10% of site visitors or 5-10% of original conversions? And what’s the sample size? Thanks!


How did this company achieve this same page multi step form with what seems to be the Unbounce forms, not third party:

They have A/B testing on, so if you don’t see the small initial form, hit F5.

Please advise. Thanks


The example above from @JP FromGS is great. I’d love to be able to set that up for multi-step lead gen forms. That’s a much speedier implementation than loading a new page with each form submission.


You’ll need to get someone to develop the form for you. I’m going down that route too. Cost me about $200 on Elance to get a multi-step single page form scripted and the guy did a pretty good job.

Btw, f you see the long version, hitting F5 to see the other version probably won’t help cause you’ll already be cookied for the variant you saw. Open in a different browser or clear cookies and then open the page.


I’m no development expert, but isn’t it possible to just copy the code of the site? 


Sure it’s possible, but you’ll need to be a development expert to modify it to work for your needs :slight_smile:


Thanks Chris! I contacted them. I’d be interested in having a multi-step implementation done as well. We currently pass the variables between 2-3 steps and that definitely makes it nicer the way you have it!


Hey Chris,

Thanks for sharing! Would you mind telling me the confidence level of that test and the time period you ran it for? Thanks!


I did everything in the documentation, my problem is i have a 3 page multi step form.
When i fill out page 1 ,2  and 3 i get email with all 3 forms as a new lead while the last one has all the info from the 1st two forms. What am i doing wrong here ? 

Thank you, 


I did everything in the documentation, my problem is i have a 3 page multi step form. 
When i fill out page 1 ,2  and 3 i get email with all 3 forms as a new lead while the last one has all the info from the 1st two forms. What am i doing wrong here ?