Multi Step Form?


Anyone out there know of a way to create a multi step form for conversion without creating multiple pages?


You would need to sue a 3rd party tool to this, something like Wufoo or Formstack, as an example, there are many tools out there… Unbounce does not do this inherently unless you use multiple pages.


Oh sweet! Do you know if it will still count conversions and send the leads through the normal unbounce source?


It will not unfortunately. You will need to track with analytics.

Unless there is something I am un-aware of …


Hi @Frantz_Widmaier,

@digibomb is right that the easiest way would be to use a 3rd party platform to integrate a multi-step form.

Unbounce also supports external conversion tracking and you can read more about it here.

However, tracking the data would only allow you to measure the performance of a given landing page.

The actual data being submitted won’t be able to use any of the native integrations offered by Unbounce (Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, etc.)

Now, there is also a way to hack the current forms and make them behave like a multi-step form. However, this needs to be done on a form-by-form basis and depending on the complexity might be a bit expensive.

If you still want/need to use a native form and have the design/exact specifications of how your form needs to function, you can reach out to me in PM for a quote to make it happen.