Multi-step form request


@angus chimed into the Community with a question that I think lots of folks can benefit from.

Calling our script writers! @Noah @Rob or @Hristian, do any of you guys have anything on hand you can send our way?

Thanks in advance! :pray:


I think your best bet here would be to use the multi step form workflow that’s outlined in our documentation, seen here:


Hi Noah
I have actually looked at this with no luck as I wished to have a Form with common details on the landing page (which I can design with no problems) which is captured when the individual clicks NEXT to another form which provides further options for the consumer to choose. In this way I collect the data from Form A even if I have a drop out from Form B. However to have 2 forms on one Landing Page as I understand is not a feature of Unbounce. Happy to be proved wrong (and please remember I am not a Tech person!) Cheers Angus


Hey Noah,
My apologies as this is a different page to the ones I have seen before in Unbounce but does look complicated for a novice!! Cheers Angus


Hey Angus, no worries! If you do run into issues setting up the multi step form seen in our documentation please don’t hesitate to reach out to One of our awesome support coaches should be able to lend a hand :slight_smile:


Hi Noah
Thinking about how I can do this from a non tech view point, and I thought I might be able to achieve my desired result by having on one form with two parts without going to another page using a URL etc etc. The beginning of the form (part A) is visible to all visitors for them to input mandatory details. Once complete and click next Part B of the form becomes visible for them to chose dates and times. Is this concept supported by Unbounce? Cheers Angus


Hey @angus the only way to accomplish this in Unbounce at the moment is to use our lightbox feature. This is possible using the same workaround in the docs Noah linked to with the difference that instead of sending someone to a new page you choose the form confirmation option “Open URL in a lightbox”.

Make your second page (Part B of the form) just a form and nothing else. Then add the URL of that page to the form confirmation action in the first page. Make sure the action is set to “Open URL in a lightbox”. Everything else is the same. Hidden fields in Part B to catch the answers from Part A work the same way as well.

The end result will be Part B of the form showing in a lightbox/pop-up without the visitor navigating away from the main page. Hope this helps!


Thanks Rob, I will give it a go!