Multi-step Form Automatically Next


Hi everybody!

Does anyone want to dive on a way to make a multi-step form that goes to next step when user clicks the answer? Something like this:
Awesome experience!

Can’t wait to hear your magic.



Hi @jmo,

There is no magic really - just a lot of custom coding.

I’ve done it in the past for clients but it requires a considerable amount of time to properly code the whole multi-step and add the auto-advance features.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether is worth the trouble or you can get away with a regular multi-step with back/next buttons.



Hi, @Hristian! Thanks you for the insight. I thought maybe it would be somehow easy. Code’s not my beach - I guess I’ll stick to buttons for now. Maybe one day I’ll dive into this. Thanks again! :slight_smile:



Hi @jmo,

This is something I implement on my landing pages all the time.

I’m not very script-savvy so I usually head over to: [How To] Add A Multi-Step Form 2.0 to grab some JS and CSS that @Noah has given to the community.

There’s obvious areas of the script that you can manipulate too to change the appearance and functionality!

Hope this helps @jmo!


Hi @Alan_C! Thanks for your reply! I’m not script-savvy as well but I think I’ll give it a try. I’ll let you known any results. :slight_smile:


Hi Hristian! My client insists on this auto-advance multi-step form. I tried Gravity Forms, they have the feature but the page reloads to auto-advance… I need it to go smooth as here. You said you did this in past for your clients. Can we chat privately about the script? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Miguel,

Feel free to DM me directly and we can discuss your particular form.