Multi-stage fields on a single report


I hope I can make this sound understandable.

When I create a multi-stage landing page campaign, the form fields come back to me as separate reports. For example, Landing Page 1 asks for a zipcode and Landing Page 2 asks for Name, Email, Phone. When both forms are submitted, I obviously receive two individual forms. Is there a way to connect these two pages so that I receive only one report with the zip, name, email, and phone all on the ONE single report?

Thank you all!


Hi Seth,

This should be an easy fix.

On Landing Page 2 create a hidden field labeled “zipcode” (or whatever the name of this field is on LP1).

Make sure you have the check mark for “Append form data to URL” on LP1.

Now, when a lead submits their ZIP code, they’ll be taken to LP2 and their ZIP code would be picked up by the 2nd form automatically.

All that’s left to do is set LP2’s notification email. This way you would get only 1 notification with all the information.