Multi-page registration?


Hello- I’m trying to use unbounce for the first page of my multi-page registration. It is multi so I can capture the essential fields on page 1, then try to get more information on page 2.

I post to my form processor which inserts the initial fields from the unbounce form into the database successfully.

When moving onto page 2, I’m not sure how to tie the two pages together so I can update that specific row with more information?

If I could modify…, then I could pass a identifying parameter into the section:
case ‘url’:
window.location.href =;

Alternatively, I’ve tried creating a php session with my form processor as well, but this did not seem to work.

Should I just replace the entire form using custom html?

Or, is there a way to do multi-page signups all in unbounce?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thanks very much!


I see this is kind of similar to a question from 6 months ago,…
not sure if anything has changed since then?


This is a very important feature to me as well. I would love to see it.


Hey byron and Stephen, sorry for the delay in response from one of us… We are very keen on exploring the idea of multi-step forms/pages - unfortunately I have no easy answer for you at the moment, but we’re going to be discussing this and will update this thread soon.



Hey Stephen – hit the “I like this Idea” button above if you’re keen on this feature… were going to try encouraging people to “vote” more on ideas that they’d like to see implemented, as this is a helpful way for us to gauge priorities. Thanks!


Hey guys, I know this is 10 months later, but I put together a “how to” with building multistep forms. It may not solve all of your needs, but hopefully it helps some of you out……


Hi Carter, Can you refresh the link to this how to. Trying to create multipage form as well and need to see instructions, Thanks. Link above gets me to main instructions landing page not exactly creating multipage forms page. Cheers Manny @AvicennasHealth