Multi-line text field in forms?


Is it possible to have a multi-line text box in my form? I am looking to gather some detail on the customer needs, and would like to incorporate a fairly large field (maybe 10 lines).


Hello Gopi - great to chat with you on the phone yesterday. I noticed today that you have been experimenting with embedding an iFrame in your page. Please let us know how this works out for you.

I also promised that I would look into a possible ETA for the text field feature. Unfortunately at this point in time I can’t pin down an implementation date, however I can tell you that it is on our list of features that need to be added at some point.

I realize this isn’t exactly what you were hoping to hear, but hopefully the work around you are experimenting with will get you what you need in the mean time.

All the best - JM


Any update on this? This is the only real complaint I have so far. On our forms we like to have a place where people can enter comments. Having only a single line looks a little funny.


Hi gdevore,
Unfortunately we still can’t provide a hard-fast ETA on this feature, but I can tell you that we are making our way through our long list of requested features, each one bringing us closer and closer to multi-line form fields :slight_smile:

Some new form enhancements that will be coming out in the next few weeks include custom “thank you” overlay pages for forms, as well as serving up downloadable files (for ebooks, etc…) - not to mention resizing/scaling/cropping of images in the editor.

We certainly haven’t forgotten about this one though, and have had lots of requests. Glad that’s your only complaint, thanks for your patience!



Is there any way to insert our own multi-line text field or some sort of work around? Right now this is a deal killer for us, and I already built a beautiful landing page in Unbounce.


Hey Brennan, unfortunately there is no workaround for this yet (you *could* write some javascript to inject a textarea into your form, but no one has tried that yet). However just in the last few days this issue has come up on our radar again and we’re going to look at scheduling it asap. I’ll update this thread with an ETA when we have a better idea (we should know by the end of the week).


That’s great news Carter. Thanks for the update.


is there any good documentation on how to get a Wufoo form inserted?


Hi Matthew

There is a handy video on our website here:


That’s awesome. Thanks!

You guys just go ahead and take the weekend off. Enjoy yourselves.


Thank you!


Haha thanks Brennan! We’ll unshackle ourselves from the desks here and head home for a couple days on your suggestion :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
To quote Justin over here:

We managed to get multi-line text fields hammered out today. We have just deployed it to our application servers so the feature is now available.

Now, when you open the form editor, the first button on the left, “Text Field”, has a drop-down menu where you can choose between Single Line Text Field or Multi Line Text Field. You can change the number of lines for the multi-line text field or the height in pixels.