Multi-Field - Multi-Step Form


I’m trying to create a multi-field - multi-step form. I created a multi-step form successfully but can’t get the multi-field to work. The form I was able to create allows only one field per step. I was hoping to group fields together that way there won’t be too many fields to fill in. Instead of pressing next 7 times a user would just click next once and click submit to our custom thank you page.

I would like to create a form similar to what Tony Robbins uses. Sample here.

I run an online tutoring business so the form would be something like this:
Step 1 - Parent Info
First Name
Last Name

Go To Step 2 button

Step 2 - Student Info
Student Name
Grade Level

Schedule Date & Time button - Opens Calendly scheduler.

Anyone have any idea how to implement this? I followed a lot of the tips here but I can’t get it to work. Does anyone have a video on how to properly install this feature? I’d like a progress bar to show as well. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello Homeschool-Teachers,

It’s a little bit technical but here are the instructions for what you’re trying to accomplish:

Good luck,


Thank you for sharing. I ended up hiring a developer to help implement. The one he was able to pull off came from this post:

This is how it came out. Really happy with it. In less than 24 hours of it being live, it’s converting really well, too.

There is one issue I’m running into now though. It looks like the fields can’t be validated. Unbounce isn’t recognizing the first name, last name, email and phone despite checking the validate box. Any ideas?

Hey @Homeschool-Teachers,

It would seem that whoever you hired rushed through the job and didn’t properly set up the script.

When you are doing multi-step forms you need to check and add/remove the validation based on what step the visitor is currently on.

Have your developer go back and fix it.


Fixed! Thank you very much.