Moving the footer tag


How do I move the pesky little footer that has your “This page was made using an Unbounce landing page” - it’s in the middle of my copy :slight_smile:


Hello Ryan - thank you for your post.

After looking at your page in the editor, its looking like you have already solved the problem but have not republished your page, so the fix is not visible.

This kind of problem is caused by having text (or another kind of page element) that extends below your bottom-most page section.

Of course you can always get rid of the branding strip entirely but upgrading to a paid subscription package.

Al the best - JM


… so… the next thing you should try is re-publishing your page… obviously…


ok, i figured that one out :slight_smile: can you help me with another landing page: I can’t get the Properties of the buttons to show up.


What exactly is happening Ryan? When you click on the 3 buttons in the editor do you not see the properties panel on the right hand side?


I had to mess with is a bit, before it finally appeared. I guess because of the ajax or something, I had to show/hide it and then it worked. I got it though…thanks!


Ok, great. If that happens again, refreshing the page should clear it out. Always remember to save first though.

Glad you got it working.


Thanks Oli, sorry for the “knee jerk” reactions :slight_smile:


No worries at all!
Always important for us to hear of issues that are cropping up.