Moving photo gallery

Just trying out unbounce for the first time.  IAre there any templates that allow you to have the large main header image as a moving gallery of photos.  I want potential clients to see a showcase of our work when they first land on our page.  

Hi Alex, 
I’m going to link your question to another question in the Community. There’s a recommendation there from Ryan which still works today. Hang tight!

Is it this?

Is there anything more plug & play I could swipe that’s ready to go from an Unbounce template?

Hey @DarrenDavis,

I think this one technically works, but I believe it’s unsupported as of now. We don’t have any built-in galleries in our templates, as we’ve done a ton of research and found that they actually decrease conversion rates quite substantially.

There are a few workarounds that are kind of related you could check out… but I’m not sure they’re exactly what you’re looking for. I’ll link them below.

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@Justin thanks man!

I don’t want it for what you might think tho. I have testimonials I want to make slide – the best way (at least that I’ve IMO) on mobile is to have a rotating image of testimonials vs having 3 stacked which is a ton to scroll past.

TY for these workarounds – these rock. Especially the one with no code needed. That would have saved me an hour, I just completed the setup I cited above, LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:slight_smile: Thank you for your help!