Mouse over issues


I seem to have an issue with button hover states - where I use a graphic in the background of the button.

It loads the button on page load, but when I mouse over the button the image disappear for a second and then shows the hover state. Is there a fix for this. It does it in both firefox, safari and chrome


Hi Ulrik - very sorry for the late reply.

Is this issue still occurring with your pages? There is currently no known issue in regards to this but if it still persists with your pages, please either email the Success team at with a link to your page (or pages) or let me know in this thread so that we will be able to take a look at this for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jacquelyn | Unbounce Customer Success


Found a solution - thanks for your time




Hey Ulrik, I just wanted to follow up. Turns out we did have an issue related to mouse over images, and how we were specifying cache expiry headers. We just deployed a change moments ago to address this. If you re-publish any affected pages, this should solve it for you. So sorry we weren’t able to address this faster…


I’ve published the page and it’s not helping so much. Try to install Javascript found here : , and nothing help…


Hey Maxime - images used for various buttons states *should* preload. Our team is currently looking into a solution.