More Visitors than Clicks?


Hey there,
i just started with Unbounce.
I ran a mobile PPC Campaign and got 251 clicks.
But my Unbounce stats say, that my landing page got abour 1300 visitors.

How can it be that i got more visitors than clicks?

And a second question:
I exceeded my traffic limit (because i did not expect 1300 visitors). Did this affect my conversions? Were all visitors still able to visit / see the landing page and able to fill out my form?

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Have a great day,


Hi Steffen - there are a few reasons this kind of discrepancy might occur.

If your landing page has been indexed by Google or other search engines, it’s possible that some traffic is finding your page organically or that someone has linked to it. Another possibility is that bot traffic that could be getting counted toward your unique visitor limit.

I’d recommend adding third party tracking like Google Analytics to your page so you’ve a second opinion on traffic (just in case). You can also reach out to our support team with your page’s link so we can have a deeper look at our traffic logs.

Lastly, even if you go over your traffic limit, your pages will be served normally and visitors will still be able to convert. No worries. We may eventually suspend your account if you continue to go over but we’d reach out to provide ample warning before taking those kinds of steps.

Hope that helps!