Modify Aweber API integration to allow single opt-in


So I have started to play quite a bit with Unbounce and I LOVE it so far for the incredible amount of customization possible for pages.

I have also started to look into Aweber and integration and it works OK if you’r enot too picky and don’t mind the double opt-in. I do mind.

Why not look into using the Aweber API integration where you would retrieve the forms from Aweber and use your great interface for the customization of the colors, buttons? (i.e. the way handle their Aweber integration which allows single opt-in)

Any plan to review the Aweber API integration and change the way it is handled to allow single opt-in?

Or maybe another way would be integrate a form builder were we would manually put our list names and redirect urls and it would create the form that we would be able to modify the graphics right in unbounce and allow for tracking and split testing in Unbounce as well.