Mobile version of any page any not converting?


is it just me or does anyone have an issue with mobile version of landing page not converting ? i created simple landing pages that i keep improving to up to now 27% conversion rate however i’m getting decimated on mobile ?
i was reading on few publications that desktop realizes a much higher i think around 2005 more conversion rate than mobile
this is my desktop version
i know it’s against every rule about not having more info on company or testimonials etc tec but only thing that keeps bringing up conversions i s messing with colors etc etc
NOW i created a different landing page for mobile due to not knowing how to edit mobile without having effect on desktop .
and yes i can guarantee they are going to this mobile version
as BING allows me to send the visitors to a specific mobile URL
now i stopped advertising on mobile for PC …due to lack of conversions though CPC is way cheaper ( could that be the reason it’s cheaper advertisers can’t justify the low conversion rate
im just wondering if its a common experience and if there would be nay suggestions based on seeing my desktop version that converts at a rate i would be very happy with to experience on mobile
especially for 1/3 rd the cost fo CPC


Hey @sam_baitz is it a common experience? Well that depends on how we look at mobile conversion. It is very common that many individuals do not properly design mobile versions of their LPs which can lead to fewer conversions than desktop. It is also possible that, for some industries or campaigns, mobile traffic is not very high and with a smaller sample conversions can be or look lower.

So, I will not go into “the rules you are breaking” since you already know this, but I can say with almost all certainty if you were to optimize the desktop version with more content - specifically trust elements, about the service and/or company and benefits - you would see more conversions. That is up to you.

As for why your mobile version is not converting, that is a very BIG question. First, I would need to see more data both traffic and heatmaps. I would also like to see the ads that are driving traffic to the LP. All this would help me or anyone better understand how people are engaging and interacting with your message - this is key!

I would run through the list of best standards and practices when it comes to mobile, but since your mobile version is slim none of these tips really affect you, like image size, scrolling, etc.

I would highly recommend not having a separate LP for mobile. Use the mobile version. You can easily modify it without affecting desktop. You can hide and show elements, move elements independently, etc. Here’s more info on that How do I make design changes to my mobile version (the new feature released) without it affecting the desktop version? and How do I make design changes to my mobile version (the new feature released) without it affecting the desktop version?

My best guess, without all the information, is that there is just not enough to convert people.

I hope that helps.


desktop has 27% + conversion rate higher than my site with tons of all the
other info …i was under impression that you do actually need all those
trust links and more info on company but it’s Literally being shown other
and actually closed some really big customer off that stupid sill landing
page on desktop
maybe it is my industry and type of clients looking on phone are looking
for INFO
verus desktop are already wanting to just apply for a business loan ?
was using same add
another reason not using same LP for both desktop and mobile because
unbounce doesn’t tell you which one convertered so would need to guess
which one converted.
which I realized right away that was the case so always ran separate LP for


Hey Sam :slight_smile:

Thanks for chiming in here and starting this discussion.

That’s amazing!! How are you driving traffic to your page if you don’t mind me asking?

@digibomb gave you the links to our documentation, but just incase you didn’t take a look - to make changes on your mobile version without affecting your desktop version:
-Hold down the Command key if you’re on a Mac
-Hold down the Control key if you’re on PC

I’m going to tag @Jordana here, as she’s spear-heading a lot of our mobile efforts right now and might have more input on this.

Huge props on that conversion rate, Sam!


is it really that good ? thought it was below average
driving traffic to through PPC ( just BING )
would love to get that conversion rate on mobile because its about a 3rd the cost on PPC
however the lower conversion rate may be platform wife which may be the reason that it has a lower CPC


Hey @sam_baitz I think it is AWESOME that you are able to drive those types of conversions with such a simple LP. But, to continue playing devils advocate, I would still run a split test to see if more works just as well, better or not. The rationale behind this is, your website, although has all the “other” information we’re discussing is till a website and not a landing page. It is not a “fair” test at the scientific level.

As for the tracking of mobile vs. desktop in Unbounce, yes it is not obvious. However, when you use third party tools like Google and HotJar, we can see the interaction on all levels. However, if it is working for you, then leave it :slight_smile:

On this note

would love to get that conversion rate on mobile because its about a 3rd the cost on PPC
however the lower conversion rate may be platform wife which may be the reason that it has a lower CPC

That may never be possible. It really depends on many factors. At the most basic level industry and target audience. Sometimes mobile is better sometimes not. It really needs to be tested.

I would also consider looking at the newly released Unbounce Benchmark Report, there is some great insight there.


Not sure if you had a chance to read our Conversion Benchmark Report but it says (and I quote)
“If your Credit & Lending page has a conversion rate above 17.9%, you’re beating 90% of your competitors’ pages.”

Additionally, “If your Business Services page has a conversion rate above 13.0%, you’re beating 90% of your competitors’ pages.”

So, whichever category you fall under, you’re doing very well. But yes, if your mobile situation isn’t strong then there’s definitely some improvements to be made.

I highly suggest you take a look at the report (you can download it here), we’ve mined a ton of data and it’s an extremely useful document to have on-hand when you’re not sure how well your page is performing.


@Jess lol we must’ve been responding at the same time see above! :slight_smile:


Great minds, my friend! :beers: