Mobile Tap To Call


I almost feel like I’m overlooking something here. I want to have a simple “tap to call” button on my mobile site. A button that always appears on the bottom of the screen.

Here is an example of what I’m wanting to do you can see it if you access on a mobile phone.

The Click To Call bottom on the bottom of the screen.



Hi Dean,

This is a very quick fix! :slight_smile:

  • Drag and drop a new CTA onto the page
  • Set the appearance of your button and add the CTA text (e.g. “Click to Call” or “0800 000 000” etc.)
  • In the “Click Action” section on the right, collapse the dropdown and select “Call a number”
  • Enter your number and you’re done

Hope that helps.



Thanks Jack, yeah I did that but the button stays fixed where ever you place the button. I now added the Fading Fixed Header script and that does what I want it to do but the text on the button is now off center. AARRGG :slight_smile: driving me nuts