Mobile responsive issues: Android X iOS


Hey guys. The mobile responsive resource goes perfectly on Androids, but not so good on iOS (iPhone goes badly and also on iPad there are a few issues). Images just overlap text and also fields in the form are overlapping.

Has anyone ever experienced this AndroidxiOS problems? Any clue on how to tackle them?

Many thanks!

Examples of problems attached:


Hi Bernardo, 
The mobile responsive version of your landing pages should look pretty much exactly the same across multiple devices and operating systems, including Android/iOS/Windows Phone. It sounds like there might be something else happening here that’s causing the issue, and it very well could be a bug. Since this isn’t a widespread issue I’m going to open a support ticket and have our support team follow up with you directly. Hang tight!


Hi Bernardo,

I can chime in here with a bit more information. What we’ve seen is that mobile browsers, and particularly the older ones, all handle fonts and line wrapping slightly differently. The iPhone 5 is particularly problematic.

We have assigned our developers to look into it and expect to make some significant improvements by mid next week.

Hold tight. We’re on it. :slight_smile:

The support ticket that Justin has opened will allow us to make sure you’re kept in the loop.