Mobile landing page


I am using one of the landing page templates (not for mobile), I have checked the “Treat as mobile page” check box but the page does not look good on mobile, it is shown as a huge page with scrolls …



Hi Guy,
Unfortunately that checkbox does not do nearly as much work for you as we’ve made it seem. It is just adding some mobile specific meta data to the page so that the templates we build for mobile devices will render properly.

We are in the process of making that setting not as misleading so that it doesn’t confuse anyone else. We will also be releasing a batch of new mobile templates fairly soon.

Sorry for the confusion!



We already have some landing pages done but I would like to know, if I have to do separate landing pages just for mobile or is there any quicker way to do this? What are the steps?

If I do separate pages how is it with directing traffic to one or the other? It is this done automatically or you have to take care of this in advertising?

Thank u in advance,



Hi Vesna,

We’re currently in an open beta of a Mobile Responsive feature that will let you build a desktop and mobile view for each of your pages. If you’re making an existing page responsive, there is still some manual work involved, but you won’t have to worry about setting up any redirects. If you’d like to be added to the Mobile Responsive beta, just let me know where or shoot us an email at

Alternately, you can create a separate mobile page. We have scripts to take care of the redirection here