MOAR TEMPLATES: What kind of pages do you want to see in Unbounce?


Hey Guys, 

Cole here from the Product Team. We have been hard at work adding moretemplates to Unbounce in 2015. So far, we’ve added 20 pages and there are many more on the way. 

Now, we want to hear your feedback!

Do they meet your needs? What are they missing? Is there a specific type of page that you are looking for? What types of pages would really help you with your campaigns? We want to know it all!

We do a round of template design each month and hearing your requests will help us prioritize the types of pages we build for you. 

Also, we are experimenting with ÒTemplate SeriesÓ so that you can use the same style of page for all of your landing page needs. That way, your lead-gen, click-through, coming-soon and webinar pages will all have a cohesive look and feel! 

Check out the A La Carte and HowTo series for a couple of examples that are now available in Unbounce.


More designs that could be used for local contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, etc.


Thanks for the suggestions, Ryan.
I’m just wondering, what types of pages would be helpful?
I imagine a “Request a Quote” page would do well. Anything else you can think of?


Yup, request a quote, with sections for overview, certifications, products/services, service area (maybe a map), hours, testimonials, etc. here is one I did, started with a real estate theme.


Awesome. Our next round of template design is scheduled for May 22nd so I will make sure this gets added to the priority list, Ryan. 
Thanks again for the input!


Speaking on behalf of some of the customers I’ve chatted with in the past about templates, some of the popular needs have been…

  • insurance
  • real estate
  • ecommerce
  • webinar 
  • education

‘Like’ if this represents your industry or use case. What else would you like to see?


Sweet! Thanks Jade.


I would also like to see some small business themes as mentioned above. I’ve tried making my own but they end up looking like a 90’s free newspaper insert.


Hi Daniel! 
We will definitely add this to our list : ) Is there any sections you specifically would like to see besides ones that were mentioned above? If so, let us know!



I think the other half of my message was eaten. Was going to say that I’d love to see more microsite-style templates! I’m not super with the anchors :) 


Hey Larissa, 
thanks for the input!
If I understand you correctly, are you looking for templates with pre-built navigation that link to anchor tags throughout the page?


Thanks for feedback Daniel. 

Similar to what Ryan requested above, what types of pages would you be looking for?
I suggested a “Request a Quote” page to him.

Are you looking for something along the same line?


You got it! Thanks Cole


Local contractors/home services are looking to appear LOCAL!!  We need elements on the page that help us appear to be local to our customers.  I service a lot of cities, and I have to appear local to all of my customers, otherwise they will pick the next closest guy.

A nice pricing matrix would be really helpful as well.  Something where people can look at the services offered, and compare them next to each other.  It would be nice if you had a pricing matrix module with different styles.  This way we could pick a matrix that works for us and drag and drop it in.


Thanks, Ben. 

I’m curious as to what sort of elements would be helpful to communicate that you are local to customers. A Google Maps embed? 

Also, have you tried our Dynamic Text Replacement feature? Available on our Pro plans, you can dynamically change your landing page to reflect where the visitor is searching from.

In terms of pricing matrices, there are a number of different styles throughout our templates and we are launching more each month. If you find a pricing matrix you like, but don’t want to use the entire template it is in, you can always copy the elements you like onto a page that is open in a separate tab. 

Hope this helps!


*43 templates have been added so far in 2015!*

Of that 43 we’ve added the first of our Partnership Templates! Check out Produkto and Mova.

In our last Template Slam our designers tackled small business, local contractor, insurance and home services templates as per your requests! They will be available in Unbounce closer to our next Slam that is scheduled for Friday June 19th.

Please keep the feedback coming. We want to help make sure you have everything you need to run a successful campaign! 


Loving the new ones. The copy on some of them is really funny too. Must be a lot of laughter at Unbounce HQ.

" small business, local contractor, insurance  and  home services  " Very excited for these! 


Thanks Daniel!

Ya, we are playing with the template copy a bit. You’ll see some that are  super fun and others that are  instructional and direct. Our goal is to find a happy medium.

Glad you are enjoying them!


Hey guys, let me start off by saying that the new templates are fantastic.


I’d like to see more small business orientated ones: gardeners, plumbers, builders etc