Migrating to New CNAME Values

To help keep your landing pages safe, we’ve added a new security feature to our domain connection process.

Here’s what we did.

We want to protect you against DDoS attacks on custom domains. When you first added a domain to Unbounce, you pointed the CNAME record to “unbouncepages.com”. In order to increase your security, we’ve changed this to be a unique URL for each domain.

Your current domain will still work! However, updating your CNAME record with your unique URL will give you added security. If your domain experiences an attack, Unbounce will have the ability to separate malicious requests to the domain so there is minimal impact on any other domains in your account.

Here’s how to make the change.

  1. Log into Unbounce.

  2. Navigate to the “Domains” section.

  3. Click on the right menu for the domain and select “CNAME Setup”

  4. Click “Copy to Keyboard” to copy the updated CNAME value

  5. Login to the hosting provider for the domain to update the DNS record for the CNAME. Pasting the URL copied from Unbounce into the “value” or “points to” field of the CNAME record.

That’s it! Your domain is now extra secure. Please feel free to thread on with any questions.

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While the domain provider is updating the DNS record, will there be any impact/downtime on the existing pages using the custom domain?

I guess this only applies when the domain is not connected to Wordpress. My wordpress domains don’t bring up the cName setting.

Great update. Will definitely try this out.

I cannot see a ‘CNAME Setup’ pull down on by Unbounce page - see attached screenshot

Kind regards



If we connected our domain via Wordpress, do we need to follow these steps?

Additionally, to set a page as the homepage, I just deleted the slug/end of the url for the page, it seems to have worked correctly, but is this best practice/going to cause any issues?


Hey jjbuckley!

Nope! Updating the DNS record shouldn’t have downtime on existing pages under the domain :slight_smile:

Got a few concerns about Wordpress domains from @BenjaminBall and @BenSwanson . The quick answer is no, this change wouldn’t affect domains connect through Wordpress directly as those wouldn’t require a CNAME setup.

That being said, if you’ve got a CNAME setup on your Wordpress domain, then yes, this update can be applicable to the domain.

Great, thank you!