Migrating pages from Hubspot to Unbounce


I have a client that is coming to us soon, and they have 15 or so pages on the HubSpot platform. They are looking to leave HubSpot for a variety of reasons. 

We are going to take all 15 pages and put them in Unbounce. Is there a way to download the pages from HubSpot and then convert them to .unbounce files? I have a feeling there is no such conversion and they have to be re-built by hand (which we have budgeted for), but I just wanted to ask in case someone else has been through this before and came up with a better system.


Hey Joe,

We’re actually in a very similar predicament and would love to know about any quick workarounds. Maybe Unbounce HQ has a very special tool :wink:


For ours the pages have 3 main layouts so we really need to build 3 pages then just duplicate them and copy/paste content… so not a huge deal. But if Unboucne HQ has something special… well I am all eyes/ears :wink:


Once I saw a guy in Fiverr that would duplicate any page in unbounce for 5dls. Maybe that could be your plan b.