Microsoft CRM Online Integration


Was wondering if an integration with Microsoft CRM is slated on the road map? If not, I would like to suggest it be added. All in favor - please vote! :wink:

Given that many technology/development companies are Microsoft development or reseller partners, many of them have standardized on MS CRM due to attractive partner pricing. I would imagine because of this and the fact that MS seems to be getting a lot more serious in this space that their user base is getting quite large. MS CRM’s marketing/landing page tools are also still limited which presents a good opportunity for Unbounce to stand out in the MS CRM marketplace.


Hello there Vmon - thanks for reaching out !

This feature request was submitted a while back. Although this is not on our immediate roadmap, I have given your idea a plus one and passed the request along to our Development Team.

Vmon, I know this is not the answer you were hoping for so I wanted to present you with some viable workarounds. Our CTO, Carl mentions in this thread post:… , that importing and exporting lead data should be possible: “we support downloading your form data as a CSV file, so as long as Microsoft CRM has some import options” this may be possible.

Finally, we do offer a WebHook feature as seen here:….
If you know someone who can write a little code, it should be possible to push form captures from Unbounce to your Microsoft CRM in realtime.

Vmon, I hope this helps clarify things. Please do reach out if you have any further questions or concerns. We are always happy to help !


Hi there, is there any new way to integrate Microsoft CRM nowadays? 



We found this link that might proven useful for someone in the future:


Any updates on this one? MS CRM is growing pretty quickly