Microsites with Unbounce?


I know this issue has been touched before but with the speed of web development I guess it is a good time to address it again properly.

More and more Companies that already have a web site understand today the power of a microsite cempletely dedicated to a product or range of product, Single, paga, scrolling-telling, parallax. Easy if you know html, css and all that stuff. A huge potential for unbounce Platform.

But there is more: I know many small Companies who don’t have a web site. They tell me that they are well present on Social Media and that they don’t have thousands of dollars to spend for a traditional wen site. Then, I show them a microsite on a single page with a limited Menu and with some parallax effects. I tell them tha it would cost a fraction of the price of a traditional website and they love, they want it and they want it now.

Anybody who shares this demand with me?


I too have clients who are into this big time - shoot me an email if you ever want to combine forces. My clients are mainly in the financial industry and law industries. adam



Yes, I am very much in need of this option