Microsite Vs Landing Page


I am about to start a new campaign in unbounce and am still undecided whether to create a ‘microsite’ or a single landing page. I know the short answer to this is to test both, but was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any resources or articles where i could research this a little more extensively before i begin…


Hi Jon,
It depends in part on the amount of information you need to communicate in order to convince someone to make a purchasing decision (of fill out your lead gen form).

I don’t have anything specific to send your way in terms of microsite vs. landing page as we’ve really not taken the product to the microsite level yet.

We do have customers creating them - but we haven’t designed features with microsites in mind as of yet (such as a state aware shared navigation bar etc).

What you can do is create a long landing page with chunked content that achieves a sort of hybrid.

http://campl.us is a good example of a long page
My latest post also discusses this principle a bit: http://unbounce.com/landing-pages/10-…

I hope that helps in some way.



thanks oli, yes this helped, and I do think its just a case of testing different versions.

Thanks for your feedback