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Hi, I was told by the expert in SEO that keywords appear first in the landing page html code, and therefore they appear in the Google results instead the description. How can I change the order in the code to avoiid this unfortunate event?



Have you checked this when doing a Google Search? My Unbounce pages don’t show Keywords – they show the description.

However, you can try to influence the snippet shown by using meta tags –

<meta name="description" content="A description of the page" />


Thank you very much Zoe for your answer.

It is curious though that my Landing Page DOES show the keywords in the search results, instead the description… So I erased the keywords just to see what happened, and now the description was shown.

Any thoughts? :thinking:

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You might have to reach out to Unbounce Support as that is odd – but I still think if you add the meta script to the page, it will override this and allow you to set the snippet.

You can do this manually –

(It may be not showing based on what your description/keywords are as well – Google tries to show the most relevant info in the snippet).



In site meta tags is very important part for site means using a meta tags ex, any site get chance appear in SERP page

Meta tags

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Description

First you check meta tags on site

Hope that Helps!

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