Master Your Brand's First Impression with Facebook Tabs


Try using, that is how I have created page tabs before. Facebook changes what they let you do from time to time so it is possible this won’t work as advertised… but there is always another way!

Thanks for the walk-through on how to do this so easily! You guys are the BEST!!!

Thanks Erin, really easy to follow, we’ve now put a landing page up on one of our clients FB tabs with ease :) 

Just one thing, I found that 810px was a bit wide as it showed the left and right scroll bars when in a FB tab, I just reduced that down to 785px and it now looks awesome without those bars. We are going to experiment with these a lot now so thanks again!

#awesomesauce :slight_smile:

How many tabs can we post on FB using Unbounce? Is there a limit? Thanks <3

Hi guys. Seems that this technique is no longer working. Can you guys gives an update on how to post a page on a FB page?

Hey Martin! I’m sure you got your Facebook tab up and running since you posted, but just in case, I thought I’d post a quick video. :thumbsup:

I helped a different Unbouncer set up a Facebook tab with the new layout, here is a link to the walkthrough video I made:

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions!

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