Master Form Edit | Ability to add/remove fields from all forms from a single place


I’ve found that as I add/remove fields (especially hidden fields for tracking purposes) I have to edit each form to add those. I would love the ability to add those fields to a single master list, which then lists them on all forms.


Hey Brian - we’re looking at implementing snippets or shared elements between pages. This way, you could have a master form shared between a number of pages where editing the master form would update each of the pages using it. Does that sound like it would do the trick?


Yep. That would work. The only thing I still need is the ability to edit the email sections by landing page.

For example, if I have three different landing pages (not variants).

  1. Landing Page Apple
  2. Landing Page Penguin
  3. Landing Page Airplane

The form and form fields might be the same for each landing page, but I need the ability to edit the email form and customize each of those based off the page. This means leads sent from Landing Page Apple would send an email that says “Lead from Landing Page Apple”. I believe this how its set up now, so this would work.

I just ran into a problem when I learned that you can add a hidden form fields like “utm_source” and it will then pull in the data from the google URL’s into the submission. The problem was that once I learned this, I had to edit the forms for every landing page and every variant of the the landing page. I was lucky and only had about 20 total landing pages and variants. It took me about 30 minutes to update all the forms, but this would have been a huge hassle if I had 50+.

Hope this makes sense. I think people would find this useful once implemented.


It does indeed and and I think you’re right - this would be a huge win for any user with lots of pages. The use case you outlined here is exactly the pain point we want to address.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this feature. The main thread is at… (and please don’t be put off by the fact that it’s 2 years old–we’ve got a bigger team then we had back then!)