Masked Password Input Field


Could you add a masked password field to the forms. Also confirm password field would be nice, like the email one. Thanks

Password fields for registration forms

Hi Tim, thanks for the suggestion! Was curious how you were hoping to use this?


In order to test how many people will go through the sign up process. Without password field, I am not sure how I can simulate it.



Hey Tim, I can for sure see that being useful. If we were to provide a password field in our form builder, we would want to ensure that any captured passwords were not stored as clear text. Were you planning on somehow integrating this with a real signup process, or were you wanting to offer just a signup-style page with a “coming soon” thank-you?


Great question. I completely agree that they should be stored securely. For me personally, at this point keeping the passwords for later integration is not required. I could just let people go through the sign-up process, then show the coming soon thank you and later send email when product is ready asking them to “reset” their password.

To do that I at least need a field that is masked with * when they type.

Integration solution could be useful, but for a more built out product than what I have.


Ok, so sounds like we’d just have to add a password field (w/confirmation), and simply not capture it. I’ve added this into our issue tracker. Can’t promise when we’ll get to it, but we’ll update this thread when we do!


Awesome. Thanks!


I would also be interested in the ability to have a password field. We want to embed a signup form on our landing page and track conversions.

It would be best of we could use the built in form from unbounce.


Me too…same issue, and I would also prefer to use the password field


I solved the problem with this custom HTML:

<< style >>

div.lp-pom-root .lp-pom-form-field input[type=password] {
border:1px solid #607880;
font-family:‘helvetica’, ‘arial’, ‘sans serif’;

div.lp-pom-root .lp-pom-form-field input[type=password]::-moz-focus-inner {
<< slash style >>
<< script >>
document.getElementById(“password”).type = “password”;
<< slash script>>


Thanks Adam … that does help, although I seem to remember there being some issues around changing the type of an input (the standard pattern is to use a textbox placeholder and swap them out).

Seems to work from a cursory glance though.

Other issue of course is that, as was mentioned above, it is possible that unbounce is storing this data in cleartext on their system … which isn’t ideal .

Seems like a pretty straightforward thing to implement … and surely signup forms are pretty common on landing pages?


Yeah it probably wouldn’t be hard to clear the field before submitting, but I want the form to be submitted to my site, so I don’t have this problem…


Add a password field on the form builder so lead gen sites can create accounts easily. This is just an additional type compared to the text entry box

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Add Password field on Form Builder.


Where exactly would i insert the custom HTML that Adam mentions? Still looking for a solution on how to make masked password fields.


Hi Thomas,

I’d actually have to strongly recommend against this. Adam’s script is really slick from a technical perspective, but because it does hinge on using a standard Unbounce form field, while the text that a user enters is obscured by the script on entry, it’s still stored in plain text in our DB.

Even if you are forcing people to change their password upon confirmation, you’re still opening up a potentially large security issue. Ideally, users would set different passwords for every application/website they use, but we know this isn’t the case and what we don’t want is someone having their email/bank/PayPal/etc password sitting along with email address in both your Lead database and our own DB.

If you’re keen on a password field built into the form editor, please click on the +1 on Tim’s initial post as well! We get a lot of feature requests and customer demand plays a big part in how we prioritize what gets done first.


Where do I insert this?


Adam’s code is really slick, but we do have to recommend against this.

While this would obsfucate the password field on the client side, it would be stored as plain text in both our main database and also your lead database, which isn’t secure.

Ideally, users are choosing a different password for each service, but we know that this isn’t the case, so we’re potentially storing email addresses and passwords that may also be used for PayPal/email/etc and they aren’t encrypted.

If you’re keen on a password field built into the form editor, please click on the +1 on Tim’s initial post as well! We get a lot of feature requests and customer demand plays a big part in how we prioritize what gets done first.


After reading Quinn’s response and doing a test, I can see doing this using the existing form fields will be a (big) problem. So I have a question - is there a simple way to have a custom form which will submit externally AND have the code call and record a conversion?

Basically, I’d like to make a custom AJAX call out to… and then actually submit my custom form (which goes directly and securely to our site)? I see I can use external conversion tracking but that isn’t quite what I want (though I will use that as a last resort if needed).

I was thinking I would just make the AJAX call mentioned above but I notice that if I don’t have an Unbounce form on the page (I don’t need one - I will have my own in the custom HTML section), I can’t mark “Form Submission” as a goal. Is there any way around that issue?


Definitely do not do this.