Marketo Munchkin Code Tracking Issue


Has anyone had any luck with getting the munchkin code working on Unbounce landing pages? I feel like this is such an important aspect of the Marketo integration, but the code is firing off at all.


Hey @edang03,

You’ll need to provide a bit more information in order for the community to be able to help you.

  1. Which version of the code are you using? (synchronous, asynchronous w/ jQuery, asynchronous w/o jQuery)

  2. How are you firing it (directly on the page or through a tag manager like GTM)?

  3. How do you know it’s not firing at all?

The more information you can provide, the better answer you are going to get.



I have an asynchronous w/o jQuery script placed in the head of my landing pages with the Marketo form integration set for each page. The form is sending the information to a static list in Marketo, but when looking at the lead activity, I’m not seeing any web page visits activity that the Munchkin code should be delivering.

Was wondering if anyone is having the same issue with the Marketo integration.


Hi @edang03,

Couple of things you need to check:

[1] Make sure you are loading jQuery for your Unbounce page(s). It’s a little checkbox on the left hand side of your JS script editor inside the page builder.

1.1 If you do have jQuery on your landing pages:

1.2 Make sure it loads before the munchkin script

1.3 Make sure the jQuery version is sufficient for the munchkin script needs (You might need a newer version).

[2] Test loading the munchkin code w/ jQuery (the one Marketo provides). If that solves the problem than most likely, one of the points above is your problem.



Is there anyone from support that can do a live walk through of our issue? I tried the different munchkin codes and those didn’t work and jQuery is enabled on all pages. The munchkin script is actually in the script manager and applied to all our existing landing pages.


So here is what I discovered, as a new lead, completing a form on Unbounce with the Marketo Munchkin Code embedded, it doesn’t cookie the lead. I had to complete a form on a Marketo landing page in order to cookie my browser. After that I visited Unbounce landing pages and could see my activity in Marketo, but as far as placing a cookie on leads generated from Unbounce landing pages, the Marketo Munchkin code doesn’t seem to be working.


What are the benefits of using a tag manager like GTM? We’re having a similar issue with our munchkin code. We’re using asynchronous w/jQuery - with the actual Marketo form embedded into the Unbounce page, rather than using the Unbounce form. Using the Marketo form in Unbounce allowed us to actually collect the data from the munchkin code. How can we use the Unbounce form with munchkin code in the Unbounce page?


Marketo users need Munchkin Code and Unbounce Forms to play happy and allow for progressing profiling. That would make me an extremely happy Marketo user.


Realized today that I’m experiencing this same exact issue. Any resolution on tracking this new lead from Unbounce to Marketo?


Hi @acodyjr, @edang03 and @Jennifer_Rothrock,

I’m assuming most of you are using the default munchkin snippet and depending on your particular use case, it might need to be adjusted.

In order to troubleshoot this, you need to:

  1. Check whether the munchkin snippet has the correct placement.

  2. Whether the snippet is firing correctly.

  3. What cookies are being created or for that matter not being created. If a cookie is not being created, try to figure out why that is the case. Cross-domain issues? Top level domains with just 2 letters (.jp) or

  4. Check to see whether you might have some kind of DDoS protection in place that stops outgoing calls to external APIs.

These are just a few things that come to mind without actually seeing any of your pages.

In regards to using GTM… The main benefit is that you have a single place to insert and control your scripts. Set firing rules. Insert necessary scripts across 1, 10 or 1000 pages. If you need to change something in a script, you do it once and it’s applied across however many pages you need/want.

Last but not least… can you elaborate on your notes about Unbounce form playing nicely with Marketo? Are you referring to the native Unbounce integration that pushes form data to Marketo?

If you are referring to associating anonymous to known leads… This needs to happen with an API call to Marketo.

Feel free to reach out in a direct message if you need more help.



I was referring to the munchkin code and Unbounce landing pages playing nicely. Right now, and from the looks of it in the Marketo community, people are experiencing the same issues. Pushing form data to Marketo is working perfectly. No complaints on that end, but the power of this integration is the tracking and activity with leads thereafter.


Just like @edang03, the tracking works on the Unbounce pages if the lead is already known, having been captured elsewhere. Capturing the new lead in Unbounce and sending the data to Marketo is also fine.

It’s when a new lead is captured, for whatever reason, the lead still isn’t known to Marketo, losing our ability to track their movements around our web properties. With lead scoring in place as well as some other automation to pick up certain movements, this severely hinders our workflow and benefits of Marketo.


That’s because the munchkin snippet only creates the cookie.

However, that cookie is associated with an anonymous lead. In order for an anonymous lead to become a known lead and therefore be trackable 1 of 4 things need to happen.

Two of these things you can do on an Unbounce page but both of them require a backend script to call the Marketo API.


This is a really useful support thread that has larger implications beyond the original question. @edang03 asked about progressive profiling, that is one big example. @Hristian, if we have things set up as outlined above, what it limiting the usage of progressive profiling w/Marketo integration?


Old thread but posting the solution here for anyone that comes across it!

Solution: Marketo + Unbounce