Marketo users:
Do you prefer to Marketo Forms embedded on Unbounce landing pages or Unbounce forms and sending the data over to Marketo?

The advantage of Marketo forms has been “cookie-ing” in people so we can see what they do and when they visit our site after they fill out the form.

However, looking at THE ULTIMATE LIST article makes it very clear that there is just A LOT more functionality with Unbounce forms, so I am wondering where people fall in the argument of which FORMs to use?


Hello Yoav!

Our team does A LOT with Marketo but we still use Unbounce forms. In terms of design direction, they are a lot more robust and user friendly to create. In addition, they work better between desktop/mobile within Unbounce Pages, and of course you can track the conversions better for A/B testing.

However, there is one major drawback: you can’t easily associate web data with Marketo if you use Unbounce forms. Our team found a solution to this and we published the solution here for you. This allows you to get the full benefit of the Unbounce Builder, but also incorporate the Munchkin web tracking pixel within Marketo! It does require a /thank-you/ page and a splash of PhP, but it’s relatively easy to setup and test.

Let me know if you have any questions with the implementation!