Market study


Hi Everyone

I’m thinking to start a new project targeting my country. and I’m thinking of using landing page to study the market and to get idea if I should work in this project or not.

My method of studying the market will be the following

Create 2 type of campaigns in google adwords
*. Campaign 1: show ads as of we are running, the landing page will be just showing our features and asking visitor to submit his information so we get back to him.
Goals: To test the market and the google search volume and get feedback from customer already in buying process.

*. Campaign 2: show ads asking people to take a small survey and in return we offer free service once we open.
Goals: get more details about user preferences, customer behavior regarding our industry.

What do you think about my way of testing the market? do you recommend any changes or anything more should I do?



I just read your whole writing here. Overall, I am satisfied. You may proceed.


Yes you are right, there is need to make goal before start marketing.