Mapping UTMs from our website to Unbounce form

I’m looking to run some carousel ads on social that point to different platform pages on our main website (using WordPress).

When the visitor clicks through the ad, the link to our website would have the UTM parameters added.


From there, because our “Request a Demo” page is under construction after a relaunch, we are currently sending that traffic to an Unbounce landing page.

Is it possible to track the original UTM tags from our website to the Unbounce form somehow?

I believe I’ve properly set up the Hidden Form Fields on our Unbounce page, but since the Unbounce URL is the same for these regardless of where the source/ad came from I’m not sure if this is possible?

Looked at this question which was the most similar from searching, but they are sending people directly from the ad to an Unbounce page (which has the UTM in the URL there).

Ideally we will be hosting the “Request a Demo” page on it’s own page on our site vs pointing to Unbounce - which I use more for top of funnel content.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi David!

You’ll need to make sure you pass URL parameters from your site to your landing pages. If you’ve set up hidden fields correctly, you’ll capture the UTMs nicely!

Let me know if you need a closer look.

Hey @Stefano,
Thanks for offering to help!

I believe I have it set up correctly to pull UTM data but when I clicked through the link from the example above and filled out the form, it didn’t map over:

Any ideas?

Hi @SideqikDavid,

The links on your main site are actually not decorated with UTM parameters. So there is no way to capture them with the form on your Unbounce page.

In order to pass the UTM parameters make sure your “Request a Demo” link actually passes the parameters.


Makes sense - didn’t think it would be able to pull in the UTMs from the referral link but wanted to double-check.

Thanks for the help though!