Map an unbounce form field to a MailChimp Group


MailChimp integration should include mapping to Lists’ Groups. See for more info & use cases.


Just came across this… I know I can use the integration to put a respondent into a group… but is there a way of mapping an element of the form into groups in MailChimp… 

i.e. someone indicates they want emails about dogs AND cats… (or not) and this updates MailChimp?


Argh, I NEED this!  I have a form where they choose if they’re a Patient or a Hospital.  Clearly the marketing message is significantly different for each customer type, so I have corresponding mailchimp automations based on that. I need my pulldown options on Unbounce to map to the corresponding groups on Mailchimp. 

Anyone know of any workarounds please?


Still awaiting…  you can get around it by making them merge tags, but groups are better as you can trigger from joining a group in MailChimp… come on Unbounce???


Hi, yeah I worked around it by adding a new basic field, and sending the pulldown value to that field. I then added an OR clause to my saved segment to include the relevant Unbounce registrations.  See mailchimp screenshot below. I hope that helps someone.  The signup page is on


It helps and is a workaround I’ve used before… but it’s a bit frustrating that I can’t update a record in a group as you’ve said…


Guys… any update on mapping form entries to groups in MailChimp yet?



Does anyone have something on this ? :slight_smile: