Map 1 Unbounce form field to 2 Salesforce fields

Hi All,

I have Unbounce integrated with Salesforce.

I am trying to figure out if I can map 1 Unbounce form field to 2 Salesforce fields.


Can I somehow create a hidden form field that can be automatically populated from the data of another form field. (Different from parsing data from a url string.)


Hi @qwertyqwert - neet nick :wink:

Are you trying to split “Name” into “Firstname” and “Lastname”? That was the first usecase that came to mind.

Either way - I would recommend setting up a Zapier webhook to do this for you. So instead of using the built in integration you send data via Zapier. In Zapier you can add an action called “Formatter” that will allow you to split the value of any given field.

Hope this helps :blush: