Making A Sticky Bar Not "stick"

Hi UB community!

I have a couple of websites (not Unbounce pages, but WordPress/Drupal sites that I use the Sticky Bars on) with sticky navigation, and that have sticky bars. I was wondering if anyone had come up with a way to have the sticky bar not ‘stick’ as you scroll down the page? The bar would just stay fixed to the top of the page.

I understand that this might have to be code injected on the main site not on the sticky bar… which is possible. Just wondering if anyone else had this same problem and had come up with a solution.


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Hello @Joe_Savitch,

If I understand right you are in fact asking to have a normal section at the top of your page :slight_smile:
Why don’t you take the content of your sticky bar and copy it to a section at the top ?

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Hi @Joe_Savitch,
Do you mean something like this?
If yes, you can do it by simply adding a section on top, and creating a new javascript snippet where you only need to replace #line 11 with the ID of your Box

Julien, Because I am using the sticky bar on a non-unbounce page. I probably should have been more specific about that in my original post.

Ah sorry, I understand now.

I’m not sure you can do it in Unbounce as it doesn’t have a lot of tools for specific set-up.
I can recommend you a service I’m using which do only stickbar and pop-up but do it very well :
Only downside is that I find it expensive for a feature like this : 49$ (without taxes) per domain.