Make a sticky footer/header appear after a certain time

I’d like to add a sticky footer to my page which appears a few seconds after the visitor enters my page.
I tried to modify this script provided by @Johnny_Opao > in order to replace the scroll by a set timeout, but all my attempts didn’t work :confused:
Any ideas how I should proceed?
Thx in advance!

Hi Vanessa! :wave:

Have you tried using Sticky Bars for this? You can customize the trigger after a specific delay when the visitor lands on your page in your Page Overview section.

Let me know if I’m not on the right track and I’ll see if I can help out :slight_smile:


Hi Jess,
Unfortunately sticky bars are removable by users (they can close the footer using the X button). I need a footer that users can’t remove. But yes, the idea is to make it appear after a certain time just like sticky bars, but with a fixed and unremovable footer. The code provided by Johnny works fine creating a fixed footer, but I can’t adapt it to time condition…

Hi again !
I figured it out using this code bellow.
It works, but it’s not really state of art (you’re not supposed to insert that many lines of code inside a setTimeout function).
Anyhow, here it is if anyone needs it (and if anyone wants to impove it, feel free :))

Edit : sorry, the code won’t show, maybe blocked by the editor ?

Hey Vanessa, sorry about that sometimes the community platform formats things a little wonky. There should be a way that you can edit your post to show your script. If you paste it in, highlight it and hit this button, it should format properly:

I’d love if you could share the script you used that worked for you so that other community members can benefit from your genius. :brain:

If it still isn’t working send me a DM and I’ll inspect to make sure nothing’s going wrong.


Ok I’ll try again to share the code here. Enjoy !

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
function FixedMenu() 
  //Fixed Menu (Header or footer) v1.3.1
    * Do not remove this section; it allows our team to troubleshoot and track feature adoption. 
    * TS:0002-13-013

  //Replace ID below with your own box ID
  var boxToAppend = '#lp-pom-box-20';

  //Set to 'header' or 'footer'
  var headerOrFooter = 'footer';

  var backgroundCSS = {"position":"fixed", "left":"0", "top":"0px", "bottom":"auto", "width":"100%", "z-index":"899"};
  var colorOverlayCSS = {"position":"fixed", "left":"0", "top":"0px", "bottom":"auto", "width":"100%", "z-index":"auto", "border-style":"none none none none"};
  var childrenCSS = {"position":"fixed", "left":"auto", "top":"0px", "bottom":"auto", "width":"100%", "z-index":"999", "border-style":"none none none none", "border-width":"0px", "background":"none"};

  if (headerOrFooter === 'footer') {
    backgroundCSS["top"] = 'auto';
    backgroundCSS["bottom"] = '0px';
    colorOverlayCSS["top"] = 'auto';
    colorOverlayCSS["bottom"] = '0px';
    childrenCSS["top"] = 'auto';
    childrenCSS["bottom"] = '0px';

  var boxParent = jQuery(boxToAppend).parent();
  var boxClone = jQuery(boxToAppend).clone()

  jQuery(boxToAppend + '-color-overlay').appendTo(boxClone).css(colorOverlayCSS);
  setTimeout(FixedMenu, 5000);
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Amazing!! Thanks Vanessa :muscle: