MailChimp: Integration Error


Hello, i just received this message of error from one of my pages.

“1 integration error has been logged”

When i click on it and aks for more details, it shows this:

Leads submitted to MailChimp require an email address.

Logged July 11, 2014 14:27 | Collapse Submission Details | Retry Submission | Dismiss Error

Date submitted 2014-07-11
Time submitted 02:27 PM UTC
Ip address
Variant c
Page uuid 884bf696-08f6-11e4-a00a-12314000cce6
Insira abaixo seu email e garanta a sua

What’s wrong? How can i fix it?
Can anyone help?


Hi Antonio,

I just checked out your integration and it looks like there were two issues.

Firstly, the E-Mail field on your form wasn’t mapped over to the EMAIL field in MailChimp. I’ve fixed that for you so you’re all good there.

But on your C variant, your email field needs to be relabeled and it needs to be set as required. Check out this screenshot to see what I mean:

Once you’ve made that change, it should work perfectly from here on out.


Thank you Ryan.
I’ve tried to do what you told me but it looks like it didn’t work…
I deleted the other variants that might be causing problems and changed the field label of variant C as you told…

Can you take a look and see if i’ve done something wrong?

I’ve noticed that the field “First Name” in my Mailchimp account is empty, despite people are putting their names…

I am new to all of this things, i’m sorry if i am bothering you with obvious stuff.

Thank you!


No, no Antonio. It’s no bother at all! Helping customers like you is exactly why I get up in the morning :slight_smile:

I looked into your page again and saw that your first variant’s email field was labeled E-mail (with a dash) while your second variants email field was labeled Email (no dash).

I hopped into your page and changed them both to Email and made sure that your field mapping settings are all good now.

It should work now but can I get your permission to test your page’s form? I want to make sure that your marketing campaign is all set.


Sure! No problem!
As far as i could see it’s working all right!

thank you!


Great stuff!! Glad you’re all set Antonio.


MailChimp experienced an error processing your lead: MMERGE3 must be provided - Please enter a value… Is my error? what is that?