MailChimp Field Mapping (or 'Why is Mail Chimp not actually getting the leads generated?')


I’ve linked a couple landing pages to my Mail Chimp account. The leads show when I click “show all leads” but why aren’t they being transmitted properly?

It appears that people are having some issue, because I have a high percentage that are registering twice.



Hi Dawn, sorry to hear you’re having issues! Can you email us at and let us know which page you’re having issues with? That way we can dig into our logs and see what’s going on.


I’m having a problem where mailchimp get’s name and email but not the phone number in its list.

Any ideas?


Hi there! Right now we’ve worked out a very simple integration that lets you capture name and email address, but that’s all. Very soon we hope to add custom field mapping that will let you capture all your fields!




I’d definitely use a feature that allowed deeper Mailchimp integration through field mapping.


I would be interested in field mapping too!


Definitely interested in this! Please advise when you make it happen!


Hi everyone!
We’ve been slow to update this thread, but our MailChimp Field Mapping has been live for a little while now.

See here:…