MailChimp data in Unbouce


How can I show the number of Entries on a Mailing List from MailChimp on an Unbounce page?


Hi Martin! That would require a bit of programming on your part. You’d have to create a server-side script that would pull the value you wanted from MailChimp (likely using their “lists” function: You could then add some Javascript to your Unbounce page that would pull and use that value…


Hi Carl! I haven’t been programming for a while. It means I need to run for instance a PHP program on a separate server and have JS get the resulting value into the page. Correct?


When a solution has been established, can someone post it here? I could see the value in using this tactic to provide social proof.


Hey Martin! Yup, that’s the basic idea. I’m sure there are other approaches, but this one seems pretty straightforward…


How about just adding a plausible number? You can do that with no programming! Is there some specific value you get from showing a truly “live” number of subscribers?