Mailchimp can't read email addresses?!


MailChimp experienced an error processing your lead: EMAIL must be provided - An email address must contain a single @

I entered my own email address with one @ symbol in the address and I still get this error, why?


Hi Marian,

If you’ve entered a valid email address, you shouldn’t be seeing this issue. I’ve opened up a support ticket for you, so I can grab some more details, so please look out for my email in the next few minutes!


Having the exact same problem, EMAIL must be provided - An email address must contain a single @.

All e-mails submitted contain a single @.

The leads end up in my e-mail fine, its just a MailChimp integration issue. My guess is that I have done something wrong with the custom fields.


Marian Knowles, make sure your MailChimp e-mail field is EMAIL. That fixed it for me.


… but it still does not work. I got one e-mail through to Mail Chimp. Otherwise with the default Unbounce Form Field config the Unbounce gathers the leads just fine but they are not forwarded to Mail Chimp. I dont get an error either so very difficult to say what exactly is going on.

Any ideas?


Hi Marko - I’ve opened up a ticket for you to dig into this a little more. Please look out for my email!


Hi Marko - I just wanted to follow-up to see if you got the emails I sent. If you are still having issues, please let me know.


I followed up with Marko via email, but I just wanted to post here as well in case anyone else was experiencing a similar issue.

If you have email address or another field that is set as required in MailChimp, it’s best to set those same fields as required on your Unbounce form as well. If you don’t, you can get form fills that are missing MailChimp required fields and MailChimp will reject those leads.

You can find the required form checkbox under the validation options for each form field: