Mailchimp Audience - Unbounce Integration

I’m currently using mailchimp to send emails and downloadable contents after a user fills the form on our unbounce landing page. The Mailchimp and Unbounce integration is working perfectly, but I noticed that once a user fills the form and gets sent to our Mailchimp audience list and receives the email or downloadable content, they can no longer get the same again.

There might be cases where a user can no longer locate the email they got and would just opt to fill out the form again especially for downloadable contents, but the current issue above is restricting users a second download for the same content.

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Hey @azu this is more a Mailchimp thing – you need to look at how you’re triggering the automation to send the email e.g. if it’s just when a person subscribes, that action can obviously only be completed once.

I believe this workaround should allow a user to re-subscribe into the automation (but you may need to reach out to Mailchimp support, and some functionality might not be available to you depending on your plan).

  1. Add the subscriber to Group “A” in Mailchimp via the Unbounce/Mailchimp integration set-up.

  2. Trigger the automation to start when a subscriber joins Group “A”.

  3. Once the subscriber is sent the first email in the automation, add a post-send action to leave Group “A”. Therefore, if they submit the Unbounce form again, it will be able to add them back into Group “A” and subsequently trigger the automation for a 2nd time.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: