MailChimp and passing specific form data


All of my client’s landing pages involve the visitor making a specific selection from the form. I’d like to see that form selection - which appears in the regular Unbounce list builder/email - passed to MailChimp. Is that something we can do now?


Hi Roberta! I’m sorry, but currently we only pass along the name and email address to MailChimp. That said, custom field mapping is something we’re hoping to have done later this year!


Hi Carl, that’s what I thought. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I use Wufoo for my form I will be able to pass custom field into to MailChimp - correct?


Hey Roberta, yes, as far as I know Wufoo does support additional fields in MailChimp (see…). There’s just the caveat that you won’t be able to track the conversion. Soon though…


Yep, it’s a toss-up. But I like the ‘soon’ part. :slight_smile:


I understand the part about not tracking conversion, but will the ‘click’ still be recorded as part of the cvs file and/or have the info emailed like we do now?


If you link to the Wufoo form, then yes, but if you embed the Wufoo form, then no. Assuming I’m understanding your question, that is…


I was thinking of embedding the form directly - to eliminate the extra clicks. So if I embed, nothing gets recorded in Unbounce - correct?


Yeah, that’s right. Now, as it turns out, I was looking at various methods of integrating Wufoo recently, and there is a bit of a hacked-up method that might work for you as long as your Wufoo form is dedicated for use on your Unbounce page…


It would be dedicated. No other use. What’s the hack? I’m all screen. :slight_smile:


Well, our conversion tracking just relies on hitting a particular URL, so you can include a tracking pixel on your Wufoo confirmation content. If your page is at "", you would include the following to trigger the conversion:

![](<a href=)…" />

(Sorry, GetSat truncates the URL, you should be able to right-click copy it, or I can email you the code).

You just have to let me know which custom domain you want to try this with so I can manually copy up the “empty.pxl” file for you.

Note that this is really a temporary, untested, unsupported hack. It *should* work…


Worth a shot - could you email me the code?