LP Feedback – Huddle HQ

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Explaining my product accurately (is the pitch clear?) and collecting email addresses.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
SEO, Social Media

3: What is your conversion goal?
5% (from visit to email address submit)

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

Overall, not a bad job on the page. I think the layout is nice and clean. The text is easy to read. And the information is organized well. You have a good testimonial for social proof, and it stands out, which is good.

The hero area does a decent job succinctly communicating what the solution is, but it could be even better if it conveyed the unique value proposition. Terms like “better than” are subjective and a bit vague unless you pay it off quickly. My first thought was, better how? And I wasn’t convinced it is.

Encryption and privacy are good to call out, but the supporting text under that doesn’t make sense. The first amendment is freedom of speech. What does that have to do with encryption and privacy?

It’s good that you have call-to-actions in multiple spots, but I would keep them to just one offer. Having to choose adds friction. These could also stand out more. At the least, I would test a more colorful button with good contrast to the rest of the page.

I don’t think there is enough info to make the pre-order offer effective anyway. 50% off doesn’t do anything if you don’t know the price to begin with. And it’s not clear what will happen once someone clicks on the button.

I hope that helps. Best of luck.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! The thing about the 1st amendment was meant as a subtle jab at Zoom’s banning the meetings of Chinese civil rights activists. But it might be too insider-baseball.

Also just tweaked the color of the CTA. And going to do more work on the copy to highlight the value prop, and how we’re better than the competition.

Florent Crivello

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You’re welcome.

Hi @Florent_Crivello !

You homepage is really nice and clean, great job !
But it is a homepage. Maybe now you can build 3 or 4 landing pages dedicated to problems that your company / tool is resolving. This way you can create different ways of communicating and be a bit more specific than the homepage, which by nature are usually very large in scope.
I usually don’t advice to buy trafic that goes directly to the homepage.