Low Quality Scores


Hi all, I am in the midst of testing sending PPC traffic to an Unbounce landing page versus a page on our main website. The campaigns are brand new with no historical data. I have run them for 2 days and the keywords driving to the page on the main website (here) have established quality scores ranging from 5-8. The Unbounce landing page (here) keywords are currently sitting at 3-5. Is anyone able to look these two pages over and give me any feedback on what might be negatively effecting these QSs? The main differences are as follows:

  1. The Unbounce page uses DKI where we have created separate versions of the main page with matching keyword in the H1 on the main site.
  2. The main site pages have a grid of our service features and links around our site, where the unbounce page doesn’t have any of these.

Any help would be appreciated!