Low quality on mobile version


I’m using mobile version also for my landing. So my logo and images are getting low quality on mobile version. I used a Unbounce template and I saw same thing.
Can anyone help me?


Hey Luiz

On devices with high resolution or ‘retina’ screens some images may appear blurry. Reason being is these devices require the images to be served up in resolutions twice the size of their set width and height attributes.

We are looking into adding retina support in the future, but in the meantime I’ve tagged your account to be notified in the future about this feature.

That said, I also see you have some overlapping elements. Is that a issue for you or is this just a page in progress and something that you haven’t adjusted yet?


Hi Johnny, and Hi Luiz,

we have the same issue with our mobile landing pages. Could you notify me as well when there is a solution?

Best regards,

David (from Blaupunkt Security Systems Germany)