Low Adwords Quality Score


I am getting bellow average landing page scores in my adwords campaign. How do I improve?


Hi Eric - did you get this resolved? I am having the same problem. Thanks Jason


The biggest thing you can do to improve quality score is improve you CTR.

Landing page does fit, but its more pass/fail than anything else.

I would focus like a laser on testing ads to improve CTR.

Are you using AD extensions & Site links?

Do you have your KW in the headline?

Are You asking a question your customer want answered ie – Tired of Faulty Widgets? (negative ad) or – Foolproof Widgets? (positive ad)

Test Extended Headlines If you are in the top 3 and end the second line of your ad with punctuation, you will get that line on the same like as the headline:

Do you have the KW in the display URL? For example: www.widgets.com/Nike or Nike.widgets.com

NOTE: the only place you can safely use trademarks is in the display URL: Google will not investigate and restrict use of the trademark in display URLs because the presence of trademarked term within a URL may not necessarily constitute trademark use, such as in the case of post-domain paths or subdomains.

Put a deadline into the ad (Even if there isn’t one) - So, – Free Shipping --becomes – Free Ship This Week! – or – Order Today & Get Free Ground Ship!


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